Top Activities in Cancun

Underwater Marine Museum (MUSA)

Cancun is often thought of as one of the number one beach vacation destinations in the world because of its sun-drenched beaches, lively party spots and fine dining experiences, but the real attraction to this city are all the top activities you can find here. The sheer volume and variety of these attractions means that you could keep yourselves and the kids busy for a full year if you needed. This is why Cancun is such a popular location for family vacations and timeshare purchases; you are assured a new experience with each and every stay.

Here are some of our favorite top activities in Cancun

Explore Mayan Ruins

Explore Mayan Ruins 

Lovers of history and archaeological sites will be overwhelmed by the rich cultural history to be found close to the center of Cancun with a host of top cultural activities in Cancun . Hundreds of Mayan ruins can be found in and around the area, but those worthy of particular mention within the city itself would be El Rey and El Meco. Further out of the city there are the Tulum and Chichen Itza ruins which give a more impressive taste of the Mayan world.


Dining is one of the top activities in Cancun

Foodies will be hard pushed to find anything to complain about in the fine restaurants found in and around Cancun. Eating out is one of the best ways to have a romantic evening with your spouse in Cancun as the choice and variety when it comes to cuisine is phenomenal. Whether you want Italian, French, Chinese or traditional Mexican Cuisine you can be sure that you’ll find a fine example of it in Cancun.

Underwater Marine Museum (MUSA)

Underwater Marine Museum (MUSA)A visit to Cancun cannot be fully complete without seeing the MUSA underwater exhibition ‘rooms’. In specific spots around the coastline sculptures by artists such as Jason DeCaires Taylor have been set on the seabed and have, over time, created man-made reefs. The effect is eerie and ethereal, but avoids being creepy because of the varied marine life that now calls this artificial reef home. This is certainly one of the most unique activities in Cancun.

Visit Isla Mujeres

Your schedule of activities in Cancun would not be complete without visiting Isla Mujeres. If you’re looking for a relaxing day out in the warm and welcoming embrace of nature then a visit to the Isla Mujeres should definitely be on your list. The island is only 3 miles off the coast of Cancun and is easy to reach by ferry. In fact, you can catch one every 30 minutes from Playa Linda pier. Whether you want to explore the island by bicycle, moped or golf cart you can do so; you can easily manage to get from one end of the island to the other in a few hours.

Jolly Roger Pirate Ship

Jolly Roger Pirate ShipListed among Tripadvisor’s top activities in Cancun, if you’ve been looking for the perfect mixture of a booze cruise and a raucous family adventure then you need to look no further than the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship. The shows provided on board this replica Galleon range from active day cruises to lively night cruises more akin to family parties than a tourist attraction. The best thing about any package cruise that you sign up for with the Jolly Roger, however, is the fact that your meals and drinks are all taken care of when you book your tickets.

Golf Course

Golfers of the world rejoice; your trip to Cancun can now include some quality time on a world-class golf course. The Playa Mujeres Golf Course is, in particular, wonderful for beginners and seasoned players alike. Golfing in Cancun is a brilliant experience; the lush surroundings and balmy climate make for a great day on the course. Be sure to put on the sunscreen and hat, though! One of the more sophisticated activities in Cancun.


The nightlife of Cancun does, of course, merit more than a brief mention! In one of the many wonderful clubs of Cancun you can dance and drink the night away, until your feet are numb and your throat is raw from laughter and song. The party scene here is hypnotic and vibrant- warning! You are in danger of having the time of your life.

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