Sunsets in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Sunset

Some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sunsets in the entire world can be found in Puerto Vallarta. As the sun sets each evening the sky will be filled with majestic and vibrant shades of red, purple, and blue colors. No matter where you watch a sunset in the world, you will never experience a sunset quite like those you can see in Puerto Vallarta. With the expansive Banderas Bay and the luscious mountain greenery, the sunsets in Puerto Vallarta provide a variety of colors that are also make for a postcard perfect picture. Would you like to know where you can see the best sunsets in Puerto Vallarta? Read more to find out.

Restaurants with a Sunset View

One of the best places to take in a sunset in Puerto Vallarta is at one of the several restaurants that provide customers with amazing ocean views. Just a few steps from the Puerto Vallarta Pier is the La Palapa restaurant, which is situated right on the beach. Established in 1951, it just happens to be the oldest Puerto Vallarta restaurant that is right on the beach. Another popular place where you can see an amazing sunset in Puerto Vallarta is at Barcelona Tapas, which is located high above in the hills a few blocks inland from the Malecon boardwalk. Barcelona Tapas has smaller plates along with a variety of dining options, and they also provide an open terrace on the roof for al fresco diners, too. Barcelona Tapas is a popular Puerto Vallarta restaurant that has delicious food that goes down great with its beautiful sunset views. La Traviata restaurant is just down the road from Barcelona Tapas, and the menu is an Italian inspired one. Diners can enjoy their meals on the covered rooftop, and you may want to call the restaurant in advance to see if they will be having any drink or dinner specials, and to make sure they are not full. Barracuda and El Solar are more casual restaurants and bars. El Solar has a dive bar style interior, while the Barracuda offers extended indoor seating or you can choose to sit outside as both restaurants have tables and chairs right on the sand. If you are in Puerto Vallarta during the months of December through April, you may be able to see the humpback whales swimming beside their newly birthed babies right off shore. I personally have seen this in person, and I must admit it is truly an amazing view, especially with the beautiful Puerto Vallarta sunset in the background.

Beautiful Sunsets at the Beach

As you are watching a Puerto Vallarta sunset, would you like to have your feet in the water feeling the sand under your feet? There are many wonderful beaches along Banderas Bay where you will have the opportunity to see an amazing sunset during an evening at the beach. It doesn’t matter which beach you choose, let the powers of the ocean rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. A few of the top beaches in the Banderas Bay include Punta Mita, Yelapa, Punto Burros, Quimixto, Playa Destiladera, Majahuitas, Los Muertos, and Conchas Chinas. In Bucerias, the beachfront has numerous bars and restaurants where you can enjoy sunsets while you kick back and relax with a cold beverage and delicious dinner. At the end of the evening the sky will be filled with stars, which makes the perfect scene for a romantic walk on the beach. You can even take a horseback ride right on the sand as the sun sets on the horizon!

Dream Home in Puerto Vallarta

If you have had the opportunity to visit Puerto Vallarta, then you probably have seen the beautiful sunsets for yourself. There is nothing better than having the Sierra Madre Mountains embrace the waters of the Pacific Ocean while the sun gently sets. The colors fuse into a beautiful tapestry regardless of whether you had a clear and cloudy day. When people see the sunsets in Puerto Vallarta, they immediately fall in love with Puerto Vallarta, and many decide to make this place their primary home. There are plenty of vacation ownership and real estate opportunities in Puerto Vallarta. If you want to retire, a vacation home, or purchase your dream home in Puerto Vallarta, you will be able to see those amazing sunsets in Puerto Vallarta forever. Now, the only question is: Are you ready to move yet?

There is no doubt the sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are special and different than other sunsets around the world. If you have never experienced this for yourself you need to. You should make plans to come to Puerto Vallarta for your next vacation. When you do, tell us what you think about the sunsets in Puerto Vallarta. Who knows, you may find your new dream home at the same time.

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