September 2019 – Mexican Independence Day Celebrations

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It’s September in Mexico, which is a very special time because Mexican Independence Day celebrations are right around the corner. Actually, every day in September is a celebration in Mexico, and many homes, stores, restaurants, and public buildings will have the Mexican flag displayed all month long. Will you be vacationing in Cancun, Mexico during the month of September and especially on September 15th or 16th? If you are, you should be ready to start partying with the best partygoers around as there will be two long days of celebration, which are September 15th and 16th, so make sure you plan accordingly. On September 15th, the “Dia del Grito,” is when the famous El Grito will be heard at 11 pm all around the country and in Cancun.

September 2019 – Mexican Independence Day Celebrations

“El Mes de la Patria”, which in English means the month of the homeland, will be celebrated in Mexico the entire month of September. You will see Mexican flags and decorations of white, red, and green everywhere. All of the locals are incredibly proud of their country, and take price in respecting the country’s traditions and rich heritage. There will be ferias (fairs) held in cities all across Mexico in September, and public buildings and houses will be decorated in vibrant white, green, and red colors along with displaying the Mexican flag.

September 2019 – Mexican Independence Day Celebrations

If you will be vacationing in Cancun on Mexican Independence Day, which is September 16th, then you will be amazed. You will have the opportunity to party like you never have before. At 11 pm on September 15th, lots of people will gather in town squares in Cancun and across the country to celebrate the Grito de la Independencia, which gives honor to Miguel Hidalgo’s brave call for independence that happened in September of 1810. This historical moment prompted the people in Mexico to rise up against the forces of the Spanish so they could reclaim their Independent Nation for good. The Cancun Mayor will begin to shout out Hidalgo’s cry three times, and everyone in attendance will reply back with “Viva Mexico!”. At that time is when fireworks will go off, then the next day on September 16th, ceremonies and parades will keep the celebrations going strong. Throughout all the towns and beaches in Mexico, residents and visitors will come together to celebrate Mexican Independence Day. All activities will be safe so that everyone can enjoy all the festivities without worrying about their safety.

You need to be prepared for large crowds around Cancun during the Mexican Independence Day celebrations. Of course, no celebration is complete without having traditional Mariachi music playing. One thing to remember is if you are drinking, you should avoid driving. Also, Cancun’s main street (Boulevard Kukulcan) should be avoided due to the crowds and lots of traffic. September 2019 is when Mexican Independence Day celebrations will begin. Are you ready to celebrate and party?

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