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Are you ready to plan a Puerto Vallarta visit? The coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic required the temporary closure of many resorts and hotels, restaurants, and businesses. Life as we knew it came to a halt for several months in hopes to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, many of the businesses, resorts, and restaurants are ready to start welcoming visitors again and reopen. Have you been wondering when the perfect time is to vacation in Puerto Vallarta? Many travelers consider that the fall and winter months are the best times to vacation in the area. At that time, there is less humidity and the temperatures are great! Read below to learn more information about when you should vacation in Mexico

Perfect Time to Vacation in Puerto Vallarta – Fall and Winter Months

Fall and winter months are when most people prefer to vacation in Puerto Vallarta. In the summer months, there are high temperatures, lots of humidity, and rainstorms. In the last couple of weeks of October and the first two weeks in November is when the cooler temperatures start. This also signals the end of the summer hurricane season, too. During the rainy season or summer months, the rain is steady, which makes the Sierra Madre Mountains lush and beautiful. During the fall is a perfect time for a Mexico vacation. The airline rates along with hotel prices are very affordable. Also, the best Puerto Vallarta activity happens during the winter months, which is whale watching. The humpback whales migrate to the warm Bay of Banderas waters to mate and birth their young, which is from December thru March. Whale watching tours for vacationers is a must when vacationing in Banderas Bay during that time of year. 

Amazing Weather for Vacationing

The average temperature in Puerto Vallarta is approximately 81 Fahrenheit (27 Celsius), then at night, the temperature is approximately 64 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius). It is perfect for a comfortable sleep with a cool breeze. The Banderas Bay water temperatures are approximately 75 Fahrenheit (24 Celsius) during the winter months. The Banderas Bay water in summer months is hotter, and it is approximately 84 Fahrenheit (29 Celsius). The water temperature during the summer months is great for scuba diving and snorkeling. During the winter months, there is rarely any rain, but there could be one or two days that have a little rain. Cooler temperatures arrive in Spring months, and many vacationers love it. At the end of June is when the rainy season starts. For many vacationers, the summer heat and humidity are too much, but in PV when summer storms hit, you won’t want to miss it. The Banderas Bay lights up from the lighting and thundering and makes for an unforgettable display that will take your breath away

Reserve Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation

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