3 Top Cultural Activities in Puerto Vallarta

The Famous Church in Puerto Vallarta

Will you be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico soon? If you will, then you will want to make the most while you are vacationing there. You might not know, but Puerto Vallarta has several important monuments that you should visit. In fact, there are three not to miss spots you will want to check out. They are very close to downtown Puerto Vallarta near the Malecon, and you can easily visit all three places in just a day. Therefore, read below to learn about the 3 top cultural activities in Puerto Vallarta, which include the PV Naval History Museum, Rio Cuale Museum, and the La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. 

3 Top Cultural Activities in Puerto Vallarta

1 PV Naval Historical Museum

Did you know that Puerto Vallarta was a major stopping place for pirates and smuggler ships? It’s true. The PV Naval Historical Museum is a beautiful colonial-style building that has 5 rooms that display paintings, pictures, and a variety of historical maps and documents about Banderas Bay naval activity. In addition, the PV Naval Historical Museum was once a Naval Clinic. Today, it shows visitors the naval history of Puerto Vallarta and developments over the years. In addition, all visitors can go on a guided tour with actual naval cadets that show you many gadgets, compasses, forts, port models, and old sea vessels. Next, you can try out the five-screen navigation simulator that provides guests with an authentic seafaring experience. That way, you will be able to see how it feels to go through a variety of ocean conditions. The museum is open year-round from Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The best part, it only costs 45 pesos and senior citizens and children can enjoy the museum for free. 

2 La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

From the Naval Museum, just a couple of steps away is the La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, which is known as the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe (English). This is one of the most famous and iconic buildings in Puerto Vallarta. The church is beautiful and it stands out making the skyline of Puerto Vallarta truly amazing. The church is open year-round, and from December 1st through December 12th is considered peak season due to the city’s “Our Lady of Guadalupe Festival”. You can go inside the church and look at the carved wooden confessionals, the altar made of marble, and the Virgin Guadalupe image that was created by Ignacio Ramirez, a locally known artist. The Virgin Guadalupe  Church can be seen from many miles away. Carlos Terres sculpted the structure’s impressive crown after an earthquake destroyed the original one. There is no entry fee to visit the church. 

3 The Rio Cuale Museum 

A lesser-known tourist attraction is the Rio Cuale Museum. The National Institute of Anthropology and History organized the museum, and it is located between Downtown Puerto Vallarta and Old Town on the Rio Cuale River. You can learn about the Purepecha and general Mexican history here. The Purepecha or Tarascans are people that were from in the northwestern region of Michoacan. The museum has an art and ceramic exhibition, along with a variety of tools that were used in Jalisco, Nayarit during excavations. They also have a naval exhibit at the museum, too. Last, the Rio Cuale Museum is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and there is no admission fee to visit the museum. 

Puerto Vallarta is home to many exciting activities. When you are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, you will want to make sure you visit the 3 top cultural activities in Puerto Vallarta. You won’t be disappointed.

Los Cabos - Double the Fun

Are you and your family coming to Mexico for a family vacation, and you are wanting to know if Cabo has family-friendly activities? Continue to read below to learn about Cabo San Lucas activities that are family-friendly. 

Getaway to Cabo: What to Do

Many travelers decide to take a getaway to Cabo because of its ideal climate year-round, miles of beautiful beaches, and so many outdoor family-friendly activities. As a result, Cabo San Lucas is a top choice as a family-friendly vacation destination. Although Cabo is still a perfect place to take your loved one for a weekend getaway, it is also a family-friendly place for great vacations, too. If you have been searching for places to stay while you are in Cabo, then you should check out the Villa del Palmar Cabo. Your family will definitely be thrilled with the accommodations and amenities because they have the best pools and restaurants along with plenty of activities and events. In fact, there is so much to do on-site that you don’t have to leave the resort if you don’t want to.  However, if you want to explore a little bit of Cabo, then you and your family will be happy with all the things that you can see and do here. Check out our top suggestions below.

Humpback Whale Watching Tours

If your family vacation in Cabo will be in November or December, then you and your family will be lucky to see the migration of majestic humpback whales. They are also referred to as gentle giants, and every November and December they travel through the ocean waters near Cabo on their migration south. Most days, you can even see the whales from the beach just swimming in the ocean. However, for a better view, there are plenty of humpback whale watching tours and boat rides that you and your family can go on. That way, you can get up close to see the humpback whales in all their glory. It is easy to see why this is a very popular family-friendly activity in Cabo. 

Family Friendly ATV Tours

ATV Tours in Cabo is a family-friendly activity that everyone loves. Are you and your family ready for some adrenaline-pumping adventures? If so, there are several different family-friendly ATV tours to choose from. ATV tours will take you through the sandy hills, rugged terrain, wetlands, and canyons that are in and around Cabo. This is a fun activity for all. 

Family Friendly Cabo Karting Center

Are you kids 4’6” tall and do they like to get competitive? If so, then they will be able to drive their very own kart on the Cabo Karting Center race tracks that are 1/4th of a mile long. Younger children under the height requirement can enjoy children friendly video games, too. 

Family Friendly Cuadra San Francisco Equestrian Center

Horse lovers will absolutely love the family-friendly Cuadra San Francisco Equestrian Center. A father and son run this excellent center that is a popular Cabo family-friendly activity. They provide a variety of trail rides and even offer riding lessons, too. All of the saddles are sized perfectly to the horse that you and your family will be riding. They also offer the smaller kids pony rides that are monitored, too. Everyone will have a great time at this family-friendly activity in Cabo. 

Family Friendly Cabo Submarine

I bet you didn’t know that there is a family-friendly submarine activity that you can enjoy in Cabo, did you? The submarine can fit up to fifty passengers, and it is a sixty-foot long vessel. You and your family will get to see up to seventy different species of fish, then they will take you to see the famous Neptune’s Finger and El Arco rock formations. 

Family Friendly Wild Canyon Adventures

If your kids are wanting an activity that will get their hearts racing, then the family-friendly Wild Canyon Adventures is perfect. Kids can experience bungee jumping, zip-lining, racing, and sling swinging. Younger kids can enjoy the petting zoo, and everyone will get a thrill out of riding a camel through the desert in Cabo. 

This article provided you with family-friendly activities in Cabo. The next time you have a getaway to Cabo, you know what to do.

Playa Norte Cancun Beaches

Are you dreaming of a vacation to Mexico? Did you know that Cancun, Mexico has perfect weather throughout the year? As a result, when people come here on vacation, they can enjoy spending time at the beach every day. Are you interested in learning which Cancun beaches are the best to visit? Continue to read below if you want to learn more information about Playa Norte, one of the best beaches in Cancun, Mexico. 

Vacation to Mexico: Cancun Beaches

For your next vacation to Mexico, why not visit Cancun? In Cancun, Playa Norte Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches to visit. Playa Norte Beach is located in Quintana Roo on Isla Mujeres near Cancun. In fact, it is one of the most popular beaches in the world according to TripAdvisor Travelers Choice awards. Looking for a great place to stay in the area? If so, consider the Villa del Palmar Cancun which is a wonderful and luxurious resort. The Villa del Palmar Cancun is with the Villa Group Resorts, and they also offer all-inclusive vacation packages that fit your budget. That way, you can enjoy fabulous vacation getaways to Mexico at the Villa del Palmar Cancun without overspending. 

TripAdvisor Travelers Choice awards (2019)

The TripAdvisor Travelers Choice awards (2019) has a variety of categories that vacationers voted on. In the best beach category, there were twenty-five beaches from around the world that were selected as being the best beaches in the world. Playa Norte Beach in Cancun earned the #9th spot. Playa Norte Beach is near Cancun, and it is situated on Isla Mujeres. Isla Mujeres is a tranquil island near Cancun where the sands are white and the Caribbean Sea waters are crystal clear. It is easy to see why a Cancun beach has been chosen as one of the best beaches worldwide. TripAdvisor travelers have said that the Playa Norte Beach is essentially heaven on earth. Remember, the next time you are on vacation to Cancun, you should make sure you visit the Playa Norte Beach. 

Playa Norte Beach Destination

You and your family will not be disappointed with the Playa Norte Beach destination. In fact, you and your family can spend an entire day at the Playa Norte Beach relaxing and taking in all the natural beauty there. To get to this beach, you will need to take a ferry from Cancun. There are ferries that depart to Isla Mujeres from Punta Sam or Puerto Juarez in Cancun. The ferry allows you to bring your car with you too if you take the Punta Sam ferry. The ride only takes approximately forty-five minutes. Also, on the ferry ride over you will enjoy tropical Carribean Sea views that will take your breath away. When you arrive on the island, the beach is only a few blocks away. In addition, Playa Norte has a variety of hotels, restaurants, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. This Cancun beach is where you and your family should soak up the sun and take in the area’s incredible natural beauty. 

As you can see, Playa Norte Beach is a fantastic beach that you can visit throughout the year due to the perfect weather. Are you ready to start planning your next dream vacation to Mexico? If you are, then you might want to reserve a room at the Villa del Palmar Cancun. It is one of the best resorts in Cancun. Remember, you can also make regular vacations there as a vacation club member. The Villa del Palmar Cancun vacation club membership is affordable and currently for sale for qualified individuals. When you arrive in Mexico for your next vacation, you will want to make sure you visit Playa Norte. This beach has everything and more that you and your family will enjoy! Lastly, if you need a place to stay, the Villa del Palmar Cancun is a top choice. With spacious accommodations, luxurious amenities and great services, it is a preferred resort for vacationers to Cancun. 

visit tequila town

The pride and joy of Mexico is tequila, did you know that? It’s true! This delicious liquor has been a top choice for people around the world since it was first introduced in Tequila, Jalisco in the 16th century. Tequila’s predecessor was pulque, a fermented beverage that was made using the agave plant back in pre-Columbian times in Mexico before the Europeans invaded the country. Do you love Mexico and want to plan your next getaway to Mexico If so, check out Discount Vacation Hotels.  Discount Vacation Hotels offer affordable vacation packages to visit Mexico so that your vacation will be everything you have dreamed of and more. Read below to learn more interesting facts about tequila and its history, and maybe you can enjoy a tequila shot on your next vacation to Mexico soon


Visit Mexico: Tequila Time!

Tequila – The Origins

The Aztec people that inhabited ancient Mexico started fermenting the agave plant and developed pulque back as 1000 B.C. through 200 A.D. Pulque was milky in color and was an alcoholic liquid created just using the agave sap, which is an important aspect with the culture of the Aztecs. Also, they worshiped two Gods that had a unique relationship to pulque. Mayahuel was the first Aztec God that was the goddess of the plant, and Patecatl was the second God and her husband. Around 200 A.D., the first evidence that pulque appeared, which was represented in ancient drawings found on stone walls in the area, but this milky liquid wasn’t the tequila that we know and love today. 


Mezcal and Tequila Influenced by the Spanish

When the Spanish conquistadors to Mexico arrived in the 1400s and 1500s, they prompted the start of the fermentation process that transformed pulque into a different type of alcoholic beverage. At that time, the Spanish invaders’ drink of choice was brandy, but in North America that was difficult to get, so they started improvising by using the agave plant and mud which led to the making of mezcal, which is still very similar to the mezcal today. You may not know it, but tequila is technically a type of mezcal. During the 1500s, the Spanish government started a trade route between Mexico and Manila, which allowed mezcal and alcohol to be easily traded Then, in the 1600s the largest Mexican distillery was constructed in Tequila, Jalisco. 


1700’s Modern Tequila Birth

Rustic mezcal to modern tequila was transformed in 1758 in Mexico when the Cuervo family started distilling tequila commercially. Over 100 years later in 1873, the Sauza family was the family that successfully identified that the blue agave plant is the best choice for producing high-quality tequila. Approximately, fifty years later near Tijuana, Mexico the first margarita was created. At that time, Americans would travel down to Mexico so they could get alcohol during prohibition. In fact, Tijuana had more than 100 bars during the 1920s, which was great for Americans wanting to get their boozy fix. In 1936,  alcohol became legal again in the United States, which meant that the Tequila bars lost some of their allure. James Graham, an American journalist, and his wife were vacationing in Mexico and stopped at a bar in Tijuana that was owned by Madden, an Irishman. Madden created the Tequila Daisy, which was the first margarita. This drink became one of the most popular drinks in the USA and around the world. The recipe for the margarita was later posted in Esquire Magazine in 1953, which made the margarita even more popular in the USA and around the world. 


Intellectual Property of Mexico – Tequila

In the year of 1974, the Mexican government officially declared the tequila intellectual property of Mexico. By doing this, it ensures that tequila could only be made in Mexico and in certain areas. Other countries couldn’t sell or produce tequila legally. The laws in Mexico clearly state that tequila could only be made in the state of Jalisco, along with very few municipalities in the states of Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Nayarit, and Michoacan. To ensure the high quality of tequila being produced, a Tequila Regulatory Council was also created. Tequila is an alcoholic beverage that is made from the blue agave plant, and this alcohol is mostly produced in Tequila, Jalisco. Remember, tequila is a type of mezcal that is made from the blue agave plant.

There are several different premium tequilas at resorts in Mexico. Are you ready to plan your next vacation to Mexico? If so, check out the incredible travel promotions at Discount Vacation Hotels. They specialize in affordable and quality vacation packages to Mexico. Some of the top resorts you can stay at including the award-winning Villa Group Resorts which has 9 beautiful properties in the top 5 tourist destinations in Mexico. Don’t hesitate! Call Discount Vacation Hotels today and start planning your next dream vacation to paradise. It’s tequila time!

Vacation to Puerto Vallarta

The natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta’s region is one of the best reasons to visit Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta provides vacationers with easy access to amazing dining and bars, along with the chance to enjoy the region’s natural beauty and outdoor activities. Will you be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta in the near future, and you are wanting to enjoy all of Mother Nature’s gifts? If you are, then you can get your heart pumping with a fun and somewhat challenging hike along the southern coast of Banderas Bay. The hike from Boca de Tomatlan to Las Animas or Quimixto is one of the area’s most beautiful hikes and isn’t too far from Puerto Vallarta. Not only will you get a good workout, but you will enjoy the amazing sea and jungle views that you will never forget. Continue to read below to learn more information about one of Puerto Vallarta’s best hikes to Las Animas & Quimixto. 

Boca de Tomatlan to Start

To start, you will need to head to Boca de Tomatlan which is only thirty minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta. You can get there by bus, taxi, or an uber by traveling south on 200 Highway to Boca de Tomatlan, a charming coastal town. Boca de Tomatlan was once a small fishing village has enjoyed a significant boost in tourism in recent years. The town’s vibe is relaxed and laid back, and the beaches are beautiful. If you are driving there, you can park near the bottom of the hill by the water where there is free parking available. Make sure you bring a hat and sunscreen along with your swimsuit, because you may want to cool down in the ocean after you have finished your hike. You should also bring bug repellant too because insects are more prevalent during some times of the year. There are numerous restaurants on the beachside in Quimixto and Las Animas where you can get a bite to eat, or drink a delicious margarita or cold beer after your hike. Make sure to bring cash along as many restaurants will not accept credit cards. 

Enjoy Amazing Views While You Hike

To begin your hike, cross the river on the hanging bridge that is found near the parking area. This is where you will begin your hike. After you cross over the bridge, go towards the right, then go up the stairs as you pass charming homes, shady trees, and local wildlife. Along the way, you may see iguanas and native birds, and you will definitely see chickens and roosters, too. Continue along the hiking path, and make sure you watch your step because in some spots it is a bit rocky and steep. During your hike, you will have plenty of opportunities to take pictures of the ocean and the views are breathtaking. If you are in good shape, you can even jog along the path if you would rather run versus hiking. If you do, make sure you watch out for narrowing of the path and steep slopes that are found in some spots along the trail. While you are hiking south along the ocean, you will eventually reach the Ocean Grill Restaurant. This is a fabulous place where you can dine in nature, but you should book a table in advance as they require reservations ahead of time. Continue hiking down the path to the Playa Colomitos beach, which is next to the restaurant.  Then, you will need to cross the sandy shore of the tiny beach and step up onto rocks where the path continues. You will come across a sign that says, “Cuida Tu Madre”, which in English means “Take care of Mother Earth.” When you see this sign, you will know you are going the right way. 

Las Animas and Quimixto: Villages on the Beachside

While you are continuing along the trail, you will pass a couple of small villas, a yoga retreat, and boutique hotels along the shoreline. When you see a small pier and several restaurants, you have reached Las Animas. This is the perfect spot to eat some lunch and go swimming. If you want to hike so more, then you can continue hiking south until you reach Quimixto, which is a small coastal village that is only about fifteen minutes away from Las Animas. Quimixto also has a great swimming hole and inland waterfall inland that you can hike to in about 20 minutes or so. There are restaurants in Las Animas and Quimixto where you can eat, then you can go swimming. You can take a water taxi from Las Animas to Boca de Tomatlan for approximately 70 pesos or $4.00 US Dollars. The water taxi ride lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, and you will arrive back in Boca de Tomatlan where your car is parked. If you need public transportation, walk up the hill to the main highway to hail a cab or catch a bus back into town. 

A top Puerto Vallarta outdoor activity to try is the Las Animas & Quimixto hike. To avoid the heat and humidity, you should start your hike early.

Get Active in Cancun

Many visitors to Cancun end up spending most of their time at the beach. It’s easy to see why because Cancun has some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Who can resist the white sandy beaches and crystal clear Caribbean waters? Besides hitting the beach, there is a lot to do in Cancun, too. If you like enjoying outdoor activities, you should try a mountain bike tour in Cancun. Mountain bike tours allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and get a great workout, too. You can choose to mountain bike along the beach, the Caribbean jungle, Mayan ruins or even mysterious cenotes. Keep reading below to learn about top outdoor activities in Cancun. 


#1 Isla Mujeres Mountain Bike Tour 

There are lots of great mountain bike tour options to choose from in Cancun. One of the most popular tours begins with a 15-minute ferry ride from Cancun to Isla Mujeres. Once you arrive, you will get to explore the island by bike. Imagine enjoying a relaxing bike ride as you take in the spectacular Caribbean Sea views. Tour attendees will also get to visit the island’s Mayan Temple, a sculpture garden and a turtle farm during their bike tour adventure. If you are a beginner or intermediate rider, this tour choose is ideal for you. Depending on where you start, the total distance covered is between 14 to 30 km and lasts just one half of the day so you will be back in Cancun in the early evening. 


#2 Jaguar Mountain Bike Tour 

Our number two choice for top outdoor activities in Cancun is the Jaguar mountain bike tour. The Jaguar Tour allows riders to explore awesome single tracks that riders of all skill levels can handle. Get ready to ride through some incredible scenery on this adventure.  More advanced riders can take advantage of the curvy sections of the path and speed things up a bit to make it more challenging. In addition to the fun bike ride, tour attendees will visit Mayan ruins and a natural underground swimming hole is known as a cenote. Bring along your swimsuit so you can swim and float inside these incredible underwater caves which also contain impressive stalagmites and stalactites. This tour is an all-day experience so make sure you leave your entire day free to enjoy the whole experience.  


#3 Tour Cancun’s Cenotes  

Our third choice for top outdoor activities in Cancun is exploring the naturally incredible cenotes in combination with your mountain bike tour. The Underground Wonders adventure tour passes through the Yucatan Peninsula jungle on mountain bikes and stops to enjoy some of Cancun’s most beautiful cenotes. As stated above, cenotes are stunning streams and underground rivers, many of which are still remain pristine and untouched by humans.  This tour is ideal for riders of all levels, and advanced riders can ride on ahead for an extra challenge while beginners can stick to white roads and double tracks.


#4 Punta Venado Mountain Bike Ride

Another choice for the best outdoor activities in Cancun is a ride on the Punta Venado trails. Punta Venado trails are a mix of paths that wind through virgin tropical jungle and nearly 4 miles of beautiful beaches. Your adventure will start on single and double tracks in the jungle, and riders can do many laps as they like. Need a break? There is a beach club located along the path if you want to stop for a rest. This half-day tour is a great chance to see the natural beauty of Cancun and appreciate the area’s local wildlife as well.


#5 Advanced Rider Tours Available  

Last, but not least, our 5th choice for the best outdoor activities in Cancun is for more advanced riders. The 3 track tour allows riders to test their skills on single tracks, up hills and down descents as they zoom through the lush Quintana Roo jungle.  There are also curvy white roads where riders can really get their pedals pumping and pick up the pace. Rocky technical tracks will challenge advanced rider’s skill sets as well.  


On your next vacation to Cancun, we recommend that you try one of these mountain biking tours. Skip the beach for the day! Get out and enjoy nature at its best during a fun and adventurous bike ride in the great outdoors.

Car Rentals in Mexico

Even if you don’t speak Spanish, getting around Mexico is fairly easy! Taxi cabs are affordable along with public bus transportation, but the freedom and comfort of renting a car in Mexico is always a good choice. If you are planning a vacation to Mexico and you want advice and tips pertaining to car rentals in Mexico, then continue to read our guide below for tips on car rentals in Mexico.

What Car Rental Company Should I Choose?

There are small “mom and pop’ car rental companies in Mexico where you can rent a car, but if you prefer a particular car rental company or brand where you earn points, then you may want to rent a car with that same company. Many of the most popular international rental car companies operate in Mexico. You should also carefully read the rental car companies’ reviews and compare prices before you rent a car in Mexico.

Valuable Information to Remember for Car Rentals in Mexico:

  • Online rental car bookings are a way to save money on your car rentals in Mexico as you will receive the best deals and prices, but you should remember that full coverage insurance isn’t added to the price of the car rental and having insurance coverage is obligatory.
  • A complete inspection of the car should be done when you receive the car. Go around the exterior of the car to check for any dents or scrapes, and also check for any flaws in the interior of the car. Take any pictures where there are any flaws. This will keep you protected from being blamed for any damages to the car that you did not cause. Don’t hit the road before you do this inspection.
  • Using Google Earth will help you navigate the roads and highways in Mexico. Many of the highways in Mexico are toll roads, but you will be glad you paid the tolls because these highways are smooth and modern asphalt roads compared to the free, dirt roads. Google Earth will also let you see the type of roads that lie ahead, too.

Safety Precautions for Driving in Mexico

You should always be very careful when you are driving a rental car in Mexico. The speed limits and traffic lights should be respected and obeyed. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, texting or using a mobile phone while driving, and driving without a seatbelt are laws that should be obeyed in Mexico just as in other countries.

Just to be personally safe, you should never pick up any hitchhikers in Mexico, and you should try to drive and travel during daylight hours only. Anytime that you come to a military or police checkpoint, you should be courteous and answer all questions, then follow the instructions that you are given. You should always keep the doors locked in the car, especially if you are stopped at a traffic light, but you don’t have to keep doors locked when you are driving on the highways.

Road Signs Guide in Mexico

Here are some of the most popular road signs you may come across while traveling in Mexico:

  • Alto = Stop
  • No Hay Paso = Road Closed Ahead
  • Despacio = Slow Ahead
  • No Rebase = No Passing Ahead
  • No Estacionarse = No Parking
  • Curva Peligrosa = Dangerous Curves Ahead
  • Ceda el paso = Yield Ahead
  • Conserva su derecho = Keep Right
  • Topes = Speed Bumps Ahead
  • Desviacion = Detour Ahead

When you are on your way, you can stop by the Oxxo convenience stores or family stores to get snacks and drinks while you are exploring the towns in Mexico. These are helpful tips for car rentals in Mexico, and using them will keep you safe when you are driving in Mexico. Time to hit the road!

Top Five Puerto Vallarta Pizza

Although it’s not easy to beat delicious Mexican cuisine, there is something undeniably extraordinary about pizza that makes everyone want to have some. Could it be the crispy crust, the variety of toppings, or the delicious cheese that blends it all together? It is easy to see why pizza is a worldwide favorite food no matter where you are at. If you will be visiting Puerto Vallarta in the future, you may want to know where you can find the best pizza restaurants, because after a while we all get sick of eating tacos, enchiladas, and tamales. There are numerous wonderful pizza restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, and the top 5 are mentioned below.

Puerto Vallarta’s Best Pizza 2019

Los Muertos Brewing Company – Puerto Vallarta

Los Muertos Brewing Company in Puerto Vallarta is a top choice for ex-pats, locals, and tourists. They opened up in 2012, and they legitimately have some of the best pizza in the area. All of the pizzas are cooked in a woodfire oven and they have numerous toppings to please everyone’s taste buds. The Emiliano Zapata pizza is a top seller and it comes with jalapenos, olives, Italian sausage and dollops of fresh goat cheese. It’s a strange variety of toppings, but it tastes amazing. Los Muertos doesn’t just sell delicious pizzas, they are also a craft beer brewer and all of their craft beer is created on-site. When you order your pizza, you need to make sure you order one or two of their craft beers, too. You won’t regret it. A good time to go to Los Muertos is at lunchtime as they offer daily specials that come with a slice of your favorite pizza, a fresh salad or homemade French fries, and a pint of their craft beer. This daily special only costs five dollars, and this is a deal that you probably won’t find anywhere else in Puerto Vallarta.


La Dolce Vita – On Malecon Boardwalk

La Dolce Vita is a well established Italian restaurant that can be found on the iconic Malecon boardwalk, and it is the perfect place for an evening walk to see the ocean and to see the sights downtown. The outside dining is open-air on the Malecon, and the interior atmosphere is cozy, comfortable, and quite romantic. The menu offers authentic Italian cuisine along with delicious pizzas. This is the perfect place to eat pizza, drink wine, and just watch the passerbyers. You should try their fresh salads and seafood choices too if you have the time.

¡En Dolce Vita malecón te sentirás como en casa!

Publicada por La Dolce Vita en Martes, 5 de noviembre de 2019


Veggitalia – Downtown

Veggitalia is located downtown and the dishes that are provided are vegetarian. Their head Chef Marco came from Lake Como, Italy to open up his own restaurant so his passion for food can be shared with their guests. All the healthy vegetarian cuisine is not only delicious, but it isn’t expensive either. You can create your very own pizza with all the fresh veggies to choose from. One thing you should make sure you try is the homemade pesto sauce that Chef Marco makes daily. It goes great with any of the pizzas. The arugula and mushroom pie is another dish and top seller that you should try when you are dining at Veggitalia.


Formaggio’s Pizza and Pasta – Ixtapa off Carretera Las Palmas

The hidden pizza jewel is Formaggio’s Pizza and Pasta that most vacationers often miss going to. You can find Formaggio’s Pizza if you are on the way to San Sebastian, which is close to the small town of Ixtapa just inland from the Puerto Vallarta airport. The pizza made here is a thin crust and all of the pizzas are cooked in a woodfired oven. There is outdoor dining available and during the day the shady trees will keep you cooled off, and at night they add romantic candles and light the fire pit to provide a nice romantic atmosphere for their customers. For $145 pesos, you can eat the pizza of the month special and they provide a new special every month. If you want authentic pizza, then you should go to this pizza place.


La Piazzetta – Puerto Vallarta

From the Los Muertos Pier, you can walk to La Piazzetta, which happens to have been a favorite pizza place for decades in Puerto Vallarta. In the center of the Zona Romantica and Olas Atlas is where you can enjoy delicious pizza and a nice glass of wine. There are open-air tables with nice and comfortable décor. They offer so many different pizza choices, but the Funghi pizza is a top-seller. It has a ton of mushrooms and cheese, which is delicious. The Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and ham is also a top-seller. It’s served on a light, crispy crust.

Come enjoy the famous Sor Giuseppe Pizza with a glass of beer #LaPiazzettaPV #LaPiazzettaOlasAltas #PuertoVallarta #ZonaRomantica #Pizza

Publicada por La Piazzetta Puerto Vallarta en Jueves, 25 de julio de 2019

You have just learned about Puerto Vallarta’s best pizza in 2019. The next time you are in Puerto Vallarta, you should try to visit as many of the pizza places that you can.


Are you heading to Cabo San Lucas for a vacation soon? Are you interested in learning new fun and exciting water sport? If so, then you should consider learning surf kayaking. Surf kayaking is a water sport that requires proper technique and the right equipment. This water sport is similar to surfing, but instead, you use a kayak boat that has been designed for surf zones. You can enjoy the wonderful weather in Cabo when you are surf kayaking. Read below to learn about one of the best outdoor activities in Cabo, surf kayaking. 

Outdoor Activities in Cabo: Surf Kayaking

Adventure With Cabo Surf Kayaking

When you are ready to start surf kayaking, first remember always to respect the ocean and its strength. Make sure you check the condition of the currents before getting in. If the currents are too strong, then you should come back tomorrow, because priority number one is staying safe. If the currents are fine, you should make sure to dress right for Cabo surf kayaking, which includes wearing a life jacket and a helmet. When the water conditions become rough, which can happen quickly, the life jacket or helmet can actually save your life if you are unexpectedly thrown unexpectedly from the kayak and hit a coral reef or shoreline. 

… remember always to respect the ocean and its strength.

How Does Someone Start Cabo Surf Kayaking?

Before you get into the ocean, you need to first check the ocean waves from the shore. You should start timing the waves to see when would be the best time for you to get past the wave break. It will be easier for you to try to time your entry, instead of you spending a lot of energy and effort paddling through strong waves. Are you ready to take part in one of the best outdoor activities in Cabo now? Once you are ready to start, you need to use your arms to lift up the kayak, then launch yourself by pushing yourself towards the open sea. Once you have successfully launched off into the ocean waters, paddle past the wave break and your fun and adventure will really begin. 

Cabo Surf Kayaking Guidance

Would you like some guidance on how you can get better with Cabo surf kayaking? The best guidance is to try to practice a kayak roll beforehand. You shouldn’t try to do this when you are outside of the kayak swimming. Even the strongest swimmers actually have a hard time securing the kayak if they happen to fall off the kayak while out in the ocean waters. You should only use a kayak that has been specially designed for ocean surfing. White water kayaks or surfing kayaks should be used because they have a spray skirt on them, and they are actually made to use in the ocean waters, unlike standard kayaks. 

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Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Are you wanting to enjoy activities in Cancun during the fall? If you are, then look no further because the 17th annual Riviera Maya Jazz Festival is nearly here. This is an annual event in Cancun that has been going on since 2003. From November 30th – December 2nd, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will be held in Cancun and top jazz musicians from across the globe will come together to share a stage. You can enjoy the sounds of some of the world’s top jazz musicians, and the weather will be great, too. Read below to learn more about jazz history and what you can look forward to at the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Cancun!

Don’t Miss the Jazz Festival in Cancun!

Roots of Jazz

Ragtime and blues music traditions were taken from Europe and Africa, which are the roots of jazz music. Jazz is rhythm and soul, and some people actually think that jazz music first started in New Orleans in African-American communities approximately 100 years ago, while others say in 1895 is when jazz was born when Buddy Bolden began his first band. There are some people that claim in 1917 is when jazz was born, because Nick LaRocca and his jazz band Original Dixieland recorded “Livery Stable Blues”, their first record. The exact time when jazz was created isn’t for sure, but during the 1920s is when jazz became very popular in America. The jazz movement started growing in New Orleans, and soon people from all walks of life around the country loved the sound of jazz. Jazz even started influencing popular culture, and today Jazz is an important American history element because this music affects people worldwide. In fact, did you know that without jazz there would be no big band, swing, rock and roll, pop, hip-hop, and rap music?

Since 2003 – Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Cancun

Since 2003, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Cancun has taken place, and this is one of the most popular outdoor activities to attend in Cancun. Typically, the jazz festival is held during the weekend of Thanksgiving, and the fantastic weather year-round in Cancun makes this open-air concert an exciting event to attend. The jazz festival will feature different jazz genres. The jazz festival always occurs in public places like Central Park in Playa del Carmen. More than 20,000 people are expected to attend the festival. The jazz festival is a vital cultural event in Cancun. Some noteworthy jazz musicians that have performed at past events are Spyro Gira, George Benson, Earth Wind and Fire, Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, Celso Pina, Sergio Mendez, and many more. In 2019, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will be held from November 30th – December 2nd on Mamitas Beach, which is perfect for everyone. The event has no admission unless you want to be close to the stage, and if you do, the admission is only eighteen pesos for each individual. You can avoid the large crowds by securing a space in the VIP area, but we recommend you arrive early because this area fills up quickly.

Don’t miss the jazz festival in Cancun! The 17th annual Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will be held from November 30th – December 2nd. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

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