Mexico Vacations: Is Mexico safe for kids?

Mexico safe for kids

This is your Official Warning! When you bring your kids to Mexico on vacation you will find it difficult to keep them away in future! There will be no going back. Read on to find out if Mexico is safe for kids…

Is Mexico safe for kids?

As one of the most enchanting and vibrantly diverse countries in the world, Mexico has become an obvious choice for families looking to vacation in the sunshine. Parents and children alike have found that being south of the border can make a getaway truly amazing. Once you experience the culture, the hospitality, and the delicious cuisine (not to mention the stunning scenery) you will find it hard to stay away from Mexico!

So, here are the true dangers you will face on a Mexico vacation. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

  • Young children pick up languages with surprising dexterity; a few Mexico vacations may leave your children with a love and command of the Spanish language.
  • You might find that your children become fast amigos with the local kids during a Mexico vacation; this could lead them to begging you for return visits and regular Mexico vacations to see their new buddies.
  • Your kids might find they become hooked on the water sports which can be found in abundance in many of the Mexico’s coastal tourist hotspots. There are many companies that make these sports safe for kids.
  • If you find yourselves able to help with a turtle release on your Mexico vacation, your kids might develop an interest in Marine conservation and biology; the horror!
  • Your supermarket runs back home will seem totally boring after time in the festive, aromatic Mexican markets which are filled with laughter, scents, and tempting candies, trinkets, and toys!
  • If you let your kids snorkel, swim, and hike in Mexico you face a real possibility that they will develop a love and care for the environment, the creatures in it, and the natural world around them.
  • The beaches in Mexico are breathtaking, pristine, and perfect for playing as a family! A walk by the local river or lake may never be enough again after your Mexico vacation.
  • The iconic skulls, skeletons, and death themed decorations and candies of Día de los Muertos may spook your kids so badly that they wish to return again and again and again! The work and life of Frida Kahlo (a fascinating artist and politically involved woman of her time) permeates so many places in Mexico that your children may come to be a real lover of the arts after a Mexico vacation.
  • The vibrant colors which can be found in every aspect of Mexican life may make such an impression on your kids that they seek to paint their own life in fearless, beautiful colors!
  • If you expose your children to the mariachi music, the traditional dances, and the joy that can be found in every festive occasion in Mexico, you might see them develop a love of different cultures and a hunger for new experiences. You decide if cultural enrichment is safe for your kids.

So, it’s clear that Mexico vacations can be “highly dangerous” and there are many ways in which it is unsafe for kids. This is a country that can change their outlook on every aspect of life! You have been warned!

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