Loreto’s No. 1 Spa

Loreto Spa

The Islands of Loreto is where you will find one of the newest Villa del Palmar Beach Resorts, which is a world-class resort and spa in Mexico. Staying here is just like staying in your very own paradise. Guests are encouraged to restore their overall health and wellbeing with the balancing treatments that are provided at the Sabila Spa, which is Loreto’s No. 1 spa, and award winning wellness and health center. There are many different treatments offered, so guests staying at the Villa del Palmar Beach Resort at the Islands of Loreto can pamper themselves at the Sabila Spa.

Balancing Treatments at Loreto’s No. 1 Spa

With so many different balancing treatments at the Sabila Spa, the most sought out one is the Shiatsu. The Shiatsu is a treatment that lasts 50 minutes and acupressure and rhythmic techniques are performed. If you want to release stress, improve your circulation, increase energy, and just unwind, then the Shiatsu treatment is a great choice for a spa treatment in Loreto.

The Reiki and Lomi Lomi are two other favorite treatments offered at the Sabila Spa in Loreto. A Japanese technique that has been used for decades is what the Reiki treatment is. It is a 50 minute treatment that promotes healing of the mind, body, and soul. Guests who are wanting to release all muscle tension can take advantage of the Lomi Lomi treatment. The Lomi Lomi is a well-known Hawaiian treatment that incorporates different massages that will send refreshing waves through the body. This treatment is a relaxing and invigorating experience that focuses on the muscles.

All guests the Villa del Palmar Loreto can indulge in one or more of the treatments offered at the Sabila Spa. You will immediately notice a big difference when you have received your treatment. All of the treatments are performed in our special state-of-the-art therapy suites, so you will have complete privacy during your treatments.

The SpaFinder has named Sabila Spa in Loreto as one of the Best Spas in Mexico and Vacation Idea has named Sabila Spa as the Most Fascinating Spa in the World. When you are vacationing at the Villa del Palmar, then make sure you take advantage of the treatments offered at the Sabila Spa, Loreto’s No. 1 spa.

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