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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses and homes worldwide. Residents who depend on Mexico’s tourism have had a difficult time. Especially workers that are employed by resorts, shops, and restaurants since businesses had to close temporarily. Many businesses are slowly opening back up after several months of being closed, and they have added new health and safety standards so their customers will remain safe. Do you live or visit Mexico often? If so, then continue to read below to learn how to support the local community despite the COVID-19 crisis. 

How to Support the Community Around You – Shop Locally

Now, more than ever it is very important to support locally if you are a resident or visitor in Mexico. Whenever you can, you should support small businesses by shopping locally. You should try to purchase your groceries at local markets and try to avoid spending your money at large grocery store chains. You should also keep several weeks of food in case an emergency occurs. However, you don’t have to hoard a ridiculous supply of food. Instead, just purchase enough for a few weeks. Likewise, remember that when you purchase a certain item and clear it off the shelf, then others that also need that item will suffer. Mexican working-class people live day to day or week to week, and they often don’t have a lot of money or credit cards in order to stock up and purchase in bulk. Therefore, try to be respectful and think of others before you purchase them in excess. 

Order Home Delivery

In addition, most of the local businesses are providing delivery services, because some people are choosing to stay at home as much as they can. You can still support local businesses by looking for the ones that offer delivery services. For residents that employ home helpers that help watch their kids, clean their home, or gardeners, try to keep paying them as much as you can even if they aren’t able to perform their duties right now due to social distancing regulations. For instance, if you have a regular housekeeper, gardener, and pool person, then you should try to keep paying them until they can return to their regularly scheduled tasks. If you lay them off, then this could cause a traumatic strain on low-income families. Many people are also using local taxi drivers to purchase and deliver their groceries for them. Since there is limited tourism at this time, many taxi drivers are experiencing economic hardship and appreciate the extra work. 

Help Those in Need

Many people and organizations in Mexico are preparing care boxes for people in need. Many of the restaurants in Puerto Vallarta are making care packages for families that have lost their income. Want to do your part to help? You can donate food or any other items that you don’t need. You can donate shoes, clothing, and even toys in good condition. These items would make a family very happy that are struggling at this time due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Contact Loved Ones

You need to make sure you contact your loved ones during these difficult times. Many people are becoming depressed in isolation because they can’t see their loved ones in person. Remember to reach out to your family and friends often. You can text them, call them, and even email them. Everyone is trying to deal with this difficult time, so try thinking of others’ feelings during this time, too. 

The COVID-19 crisis has affected everyone throughout the world. Local communities in Mexico need assistance now more than ever. If you live in Mexico or visit often, then please try to support the community around you. If you are ready for a vacation in Mexico, then contact Discount Vacation Hotels at 1-877-606-0014 and take advantage of the incredible travel packages to stay at the best resorts in the country. Plus, they have special promotions and affordable travel packages available for purchase right now. Call now at 1-877-606-0014 and reserve your stay for a much-needed getaway to paradise. When in Mexico, make sure to help support the local community whenever possible. 

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