Get Outside! Top 6 COVID Friendly Activities

Friendly Activities

Enjoying fresh air while working out is great! Do you wonder which outdoor activities are safe during the COVID pandemic? Many outdoor activities where you have space to create a good distance from other people are considered safe. Currently, a safe distance is considered 2 meters or 6 feet away. Get outside so you can stay healthy along with being active, which will build up your immune system. Continue to read below and check out our top 6 COVID-friendly activities that are outdoors.

#1 Walking or Jogging 

First, it just isn’t healthy to be stuck inside all the time. Everyone needs fresh air along with doing some physical activity. Staying physically fit will keep both your mind and body healthy. To start with, one of the COVID-friendly activities that are free and easy is walking or jogging. You can even take your dog with you for a walk to make sure your pet gets the exercise that they need, too. If you live in an urban area, then just bring your mask along with you for precaution. During COVID, walking or jogging are excellent COVID safe activities you can enjoy outdoors.  

#2 Fitness Class Online

During the COVID crisis, many gyms and fitness centers had to close, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. Did you know there are numerous fitness classes online? You can look up your favorite fitness instructor and they probably have a live exercise class that you can join. Plus, you can take your tablet or laptop outside on your patio, balcony, driveway, or on your porch. That way, exercising outside will give you fresh air along with Vitamin D that comes from the sun. If you can’t afford a gym membership, then you can always look up fitness videos on YouTube, and these are free! 

#3 Go For A Hike

Are there hiking trails where you live? If there are hiking trails where you live, then this is an excellent activity that you can do outdoors during COVID. When you go for a hike, you are getting a good workout along with clearing your mind. Hiking trails are usually safe because it is easy to avoid close contact with others. Choose trails that are spread out so you won’t have an issue with social distancing. While you are hiking, you should make sure not to touch your face, and when you get home make sure you sanitize your hands, too. 

#4 Yoga

One of the best exercises around just happens to be yoga. You can tone your muscles along with balancing your mind and emotions, too. Plus, you can practice yoga just about anywhere.  Take your yoga mat and head outside to your yard and practice yoga under a shady tree. You will get fresh air and a dose of sunshine, which is excellent for overall well being. You can even add chakra healing music when you are practicing yoga and it will destress you while bringing a sense of peace to your hectic life, too. 


#5 Biking – Road and Mountain

A fun way to exercise along with having a blast is biking. Road and mountain biking are great activities you can enjoy outdoors, and you won’t have a problem with social distancing either. All you need to do is get your bike and head out to the local biking trails. Plus, road biking is pretty safe now, because there is less traffic due to COVID. You will get a great workout while enjoying the natural beauty, too. 

#6 Take Up Gardening 

During the COVID crisis, gardening is an excellent outdoor activity! Now is the perfect time to start planning the type of garden you want, because Springtime is not far away. You can choose a variety of fruits and vegetables that will grow well in your area. Gardening can be an enjoyable activity that everyone in the family can join in. If this is your first garden, then try not to plan a huge garden. Instead, start small and you can add to your garden each year. Weeding and mowing the grass are excellent outdoor activities that come with perks from your garden. Plus, homegrown fruits and veggies taste delicious and are healthy, too!


Are you ready to get active outside? Our top 6 COVID-friendly activities were provided above. You should try to do some of these activities, so you can keep your immune system healthy! If you are dreaming of a vacation to Mexico, contact Discount Vacation Hotels at 1-877-606-0014. This is a reputable online travel agency that sells all-inclusive travel packages to Mexico. Right now, they have specially discounted promotions available. Plus, they work with popular resorts such as the Villa Group that have implemented stringent health and safety measures to keep guests safe. Contact Discount Vacation Hotels today and reserve your stay for a dream vacation in Mexico. You deserve to pamper yourself!

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