Get Active in Cancun: 5 Tours

Get Active in Cancun

Many visitors to Cancun end up spending most of their time at the beach. It’s easy to see why because Cancun has some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Who can resist the white sandy beaches and crystal clear Caribbean waters? Besides hitting the beach, there is a lot to do in Cancun, too. If you like enjoying outdoor activities, you should try a mountain bike tour in Cancun. Mountain bike tours allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and get a great workout, too. You can choose to mountain bike along the beach, the Caribbean jungle, Mayan ruins or even mysterious cenotes. Keep reading below to learn about top outdoor activities in Cancun. 


#1 Isla Mujeres Mountain Bike Tour 

There are lots of great mountain bike tour options to choose from in Cancun. One of the most popular tours begins with a 15-minute ferry ride from Cancun to Isla Mujeres. Once you arrive, you will get to explore the island by bike. Imagine enjoying a relaxing bike ride as you take in the spectacular Caribbean Sea views. Tour attendees will also get to visit the island’s Mayan Temple, a sculpture garden and a turtle farm during their bike tour adventure. If you are a beginner or intermediate rider, this tour choose is ideal for you. Depending on where you start, the total distance covered is between 14 to 30 km and lasts just one half of the day so you will be back in Cancun in the early evening. 


#2 Jaguar Mountain Bike Tour 

Our number two choice for top outdoor activities in Cancun is the Jaguar mountain bike tour. The Jaguar Tour allows riders to explore awesome single tracks that riders of all skill levels can handle. Get ready to ride through some incredible scenery on this adventure.  More advanced riders can take advantage of the curvy sections of the path and speed things up a bit to make it more challenging. In addition to the fun bike ride, tour attendees will visit Mayan ruins and a natural underground swimming hole is known as a cenote. Bring along your swimsuit so you can swim and float inside these incredible underwater caves which also contain impressive stalagmites and stalactites. This tour is an all-day experience so make sure you leave your entire day free to enjoy the whole experience.  


#3 Tour Cancun’s Cenotes  

Our third choice for top outdoor activities in Cancun is exploring the naturally incredible cenotes in combination with your mountain bike tour. The Underground Wonders adventure tour passes through the Yucatan Peninsula jungle on mountain bikes and stops to enjoy some of Cancun’s most beautiful cenotes. As stated above, cenotes are stunning streams and underground rivers, many of which are still remain pristine and untouched by humans.  This tour is ideal for riders of all levels, and advanced riders can ride on ahead for an extra challenge while beginners can stick to white roads and double tracks.


#4 Punta Venado Mountain Bike Ride

Another choice for the best outdoor activities in Cancun is a ride on the Punta Venado trails. Punta Venado trails are a mix of paths that wind through virgin tropical jungle and nearly 4 miles of beautiful beaches. Your adventure will start on single and double tracks in the jungle, and riders can do many laps as they like. Need a break? There is a beach club located along the path if you want to stop for a rest. This half-day tour is a great chance to see the natural beauty of Cancun and appreciate the area’s local wildlife as well.


#5 Advanced Rider Tours Available  

Last, but not least, our 5th choice for the best outdoor activities in Cancun is for more advanced riders. The 3 track tour allows riders to test their skills on single tracks, up hills and down descents as they zoom through the lush Quintana Roo jungle.  There are also curvy white roads where riders can really get their pedals pumping and pick up the pace. Rocky technical tracks will challenge advanced rider’s skill sets as well.  


On your next vacation to Cancun, we recommend that you try one of these mountain biking tours. Skip the beach for the day! Get out and enjoy nature at its best during a fun and adventurous bike ride in the great outdoors.

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