Don’t Miss the Jazz Festival in Cancun!

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Are you wanting to enjoy activities in Cancun during the fall? If you are, then look no further because the 17th annual Riviera Maya Jazz Festival is nearly here. This is an annual event in Cancun that has been going on since 2003. From November 30th – December 2nd, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will be held in Cancun and top jazz musicians from across the globe will come together to share a stage. You can enjoy the sounds of some of the world’s top jazz musicians, and the weather will be great, too. Read below to learn more about jazz history and what you can look forward to at the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Cancun!

Don’t Miss the Jazz Festival in Cancun!

Roots of Jazz

Ragtime and blues music traditions were taken from Europe and Africa, which are the roots of jazz music. Jazz is rhythm and soul, and some people actually think that jazz music first started in New Orleans in African-American communities approximately 100 years ago, while others say in 1895 is when jazz was born when Buddy Bolden began his first band. There are some people that claim in 1917 is when jazz was born, because Nick LaRocca and his jazz band Original Dixieland recorded “Livery Stable Blues”, their first record. The exact time when jazz was created isn’t for sure, but during the 1920s is when jazz became very popular in America. The jazz movement started growing in New Orleans, and soon people from all walks of life around the country loved the sound of jazz. Jazz even started influencing popular culture, and today Jazz is an important American history element because this music affects people worldwide. In fact, did you know that without jazz there would be no big band, swing, rock and roll, pop, hip-hop, and rap music?

Since 2003 – Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Cancun

Since 2003, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Cancun has taken place, and this is one of the most popular outdoor activities to attend in Cancun. Typically, the jazz festival is held during the weekend of Thanksgiving, and the fantastic weather year-round in Cancun makes this open-air concert an exciting event to attend. The jazz festival will feature different jazz genres. The jazz festival always occurs in public places like Central Park in Playa del Carmen. More than 20,000 people are expected to attend the festival. The jazz festival is a vital cultural event in Cancun. Some noteworthy jazz musicians that have performed at past events are Spyro Gira, George Benson, Earth Wind and Fire, Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, Celso Pina, Sergio Mendez, and many more. In 2019, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will be held from November 30th – December 2nd on Mamitas Beach, which is perfect for everyone. The event has no admission unless you want to be close to the stage, and if you do, the admission is only eighteen pesos for each individual. You can avoid the large crowds by securing a space in the VIP area, but we recommend you arrive early because this area fills up quickly.

Don’t miss the jazz festival in Cancun! The 17th annual Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will be held from November 30th – December 2nd. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

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