Cancun’s Best Beach – Playa Delfines

Cancun Playa Delfines

A lot of wonderful sights are found along Cancun’s coastline near the Caribbean Sea, but one spot that really stands out is Playa Delfines (Dolphin Beach). Also, this Cancun beach is called El Mirador (The Lookout) because it is one of the few beaches that’s not populated with man-made buildings like hotels and restaurants. Therefore, Playa Delfines is the perfect spot in Cancun for a rejuvenating get-away where you can surf and bask in the sun.

Getting to Playa Delfines in Cancun

You can take advantage of having free on-site parking if you choose to drive to Playa Delfines yourself, or you can relax and get there just as easy with either a bus or taxi ride.

Facilities on the beach

You can rent sun umbrellas and essential items while on the beach instead of having to worry about carrying a lot of baggage with you. And everyone loves the well-maintained restrooms that are found at Playa Delfines, which means you can really lay back and enjoy your day.

Kids can have fun too

For those who plan to take their children with them to this beach in Cancun, there is also a playground available when they get tired of just laying around on the beach or playing in the sand. If you get hungry, there are some local vendors you can visit that have delightful snacks. Palapas are provided should you feel the need to want to get out the sun and relax in the shade. With options like these, you could make your trip to the beach an all-day adventure.

El Mirador, Cancun

Playa Delfines is the rightful place to be called El Mirador. You get some of Cancun’s best views of the Caribbean Sea, and you can take spectacular pictures while at the wooden lookout with the colorful spelling of “Cancun”. Luscious waves, exotic hues of the waters and more will keep you amazed at how wonderful this beach looks.

Beach safety on Playa Delfines, Cancun

Even though lifeguards are present in the daytime on the beach, you still need to use caution when swimming far into the deep waters because of the occasional rough conditions. For surfers, this makes for the ideal surfing hub. If you are a surf fan, make sure to rent a surfboard in town before arriving at the beach because there are no vendors on the beach that sell them.

Make Playa Delfines in Cancun your choice for the best beach experience ever!

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