What to Do in Cancun: Nichupte Lagoon

Cancun aerial view of Nichupte Lagoon

Cancun is a piece of heaven on earth for outdoor enthusiasts. If you are on vacation in Cancun, you will love the number of outdoor activities that are available. The climate is ideal at any time of the year, and there is plenty of natural beauty to take in. Are you going to be arriving in Cancun for a vacation soon? If you are, you need to make sure you visit the Nichupte Lagoon. The Nichupte Lagoon is a combination of lagoons that flow over 3,000 hectares found near Cancun. The Nizuc and Sigfrido water channels are connected with the Caribbean Sea to form the Nichupte Lagoon. The stunning beauty of the water and mangroves at Nichupte Lagoon will mesmerize you. Read below to learn more about this Cancun landmark you should visit on your next vacation to Mexico.

Helpful Information About Nichupte Lagoon

On the Eastern Coast of Cancun is where you will find the Nichupte Lagoon. The lagoon is a natural reserve and the area’s mangroves have become the home to many species of life. For example, a variety of birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles take refuge at the Nichupte Lagoon where they peacefully coexist. Seven different lakes make up the Laguna Nichupte. The seven lakes include the Laguna Laguna Ciega, San Jose, Laguna Bojorquez, and the Laguna del Amor. 

Nichupte Lagoon – Water Activities 

Nichupte Lagoon is an ideal location for water activities. Popular water activities to enjoy in the area include snorkeling, skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, and more. If you are coming to Cancun for vacation, you will want to make sure you go on a tour of the lagoon so you can see the mangroves, flora, and fauna in person. The jungle is lush with vibrant greenery, and the underwater coral reefs are colorful and breathtaking. The Jungle Tour is a very popular water activity where you can travel on a boat to tour the lagoon. If you visit during the day, you will see many people exploring the area on jet skis, going on the Jungle Tour, or fishing. The natural mangroves have created amazing scenery for visitors, along with providing many different species of birds and wildlife a great place to call home. 

Nichupte Lagoon Swimming Legend

Are you wanting to go for a swim in a heart-shaped lagoon? If you do, then you can become part of the Nichupte Lagoon swimming legend that says whoever swims in the lagoon waters will turn into a mermaid. Then, legends say that the person that you truly desire will fall in love with you. If you have been waiting for true love, then this legend is surely worth a shot. While you are swimming, you need to make sure you keep an eye out for the native crocs, frogs, turtles, and iguanas. You may even see leopard tracks as they also live in the region. If you would like a special activity, then you can go on the boat tour at night. At night, you will enjoy riding in the boat under the stars or watching the sunset over the lagoon. Think about how the Mayans looked above at these same stars many years ago that you are looking at right now. You will surely never forget this romantic experience. 

Preservation for Mangroves Protection 

You can join local efforts to help keep this location safe and beautiful for many years. Want to know how to help? You can do so by joining the mangrove reforestation campaign. By doing so you can even help by picking up and sowing mangrove seeds. Want to learn more? You can do that by contacting the Nichupte Lagoon, so you can begin supporting this natural area to preserve it for future generations. 

You now know what to do in Cancun when you vacation here. You will want to make sure you visit the Nichupte Lagoon so you can take in all the natural beauty here. 

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