Cabo Camel Experience

While camels are probably among the last animals you think of when planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, you will be surprised to hear that camel rides and safaris are very popular in this Baja Californian beach destination.

Besides incredible beaches, what many people don’t realize is that Cabo San Lucas finds itself in both desert and mountainous scenery. While camels are not native to Mexico, their presence in Cabo is a delightful activity for tourists to enjoy to explore the fascinating surroundings of the peninsula.

Cabo Adventures offers a wonderful excursion in its Outback & Camel Safari which takes small groups in off-road trucks into the heart of the Baja California desert. Firstly, knowledgeable guides lead you on an adventure, walking through the outback where you will see a range of indigenous flora and fauna. Then you take a short drive along a pretty stream until you arrive to Rancho San Cristobal.

From there you will ride a camel along the beach, being sure to look out for humpback whales if you are visiting from November to March. These gentle creatures offer a unique experience that will impress memories for years to come.

A Cabo camel ride is just one of the many exciting adventures you can enjoy in one of Mexico’s most fabulous vacation destinations.

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