Benefits of Vacationing in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas during Hurricane Season

Marina In Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas experiences its official hurricane season from around June to the end of October. Although, hurricanes are somewhat unpredictable, in Mexico you‘re at most risk of hurricanes in August, September and October, so do keep that in mind! Hurricanes can, of course, strike at any time during this season; Hurricane Odile hit at the beginning of October and left some damage in 2014. It is prudent, all this withstanding, that if you plan a beach vacation to Mexico during these months that you be prepared for the “possibility” of some days with a rain, winds and, of course, the possibility of a hurricane.

So why would you choose to vacation in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas during hurricane season?

Firstly, while the threat of hurricanes in Mexico is very real each year, it is not very often that the major tourist area are hit by big hurricanes, so it’s likely you won’t be affected, apart from a little rain, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! Mexico is less likely to be inconvenienced by a hurricane than say, the Caribbean Islands for example.

What are the advantages of traveling to Cabo San Lucas during hurricane season?

Cheaper Stays in Cabo San Lucas During Hurricane Season

Most hotels and resorts in Cabo will offer cheaper package deals during these months, and you might even get discounted airfare to match. (Many bars and restaurants will also implement happy hours and special menus, too!). This can add up to a huge saving just by traveling during hurricane season, but do be sure to invest some of that saved money in “cancel for any reason” travel insurance coverage that will allow you to get your costs refunded through your travel insurance should you cancel your vacation due to hurricane activity in Cabo!

Less Crowded Beaches in Cabo

The sheer volume of tourists in the resorts and hotels of the Cabo San Lucas will be reduced so you’ll find there’s more space on the beach, and more tables free at top restaurants! Tours will be comfortable, and perhaps even more enjoyable as you won’t be crammed in like sardines and will get a more personalized service!

Balmy Temperatures

In Cabo San Lucas during peak season the heat can become intense; it’s a dry heat, too, so it can be pretty brutal. This is just one more upside to hurricane season; the temperatures are lower and the climate is balmy. This is the perfect time to try snorkelling and diving, too, as the ocean temperatures are slightly higher (plus surfers will be glad to know the swells are bigger, too).

Hurricane Season is School Vacation Time

Another reason that may see you choosing Cabo San Lucas for a vacation during hurricane season is the fact that it coincides with the school vacations. Most of the time it is worth taking the risk, just be sure to check you have full insurance cover in case you need to cancel.

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