Puerto Vallarta: Biodiversity at its Best

Puerto Vallarta, Flora and Fauna

You probably already know that Mexico is an incredibly beautiful country. However, did you know that there are more than 108,000 different animal and plant species in Mexico? It is true! Some of the native flora include cacti, poinsettias, salvias, and dahlias. These local plants are beautifying gardens worldwide. On the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are just two top vacation destinations. There, in Banderas Bay, they receive millions of vacationers each year to enjoy the stunning miles of beaches. The weather is perfect, and the vegetation is outstanding. The area’s tropical climate is essential in sustaining biodiversity in the region. The sun, rainfall, and the mountains all contribute to support the inhabitants. If you want to visit PV, call Discount Vacation Hotels at 1-877-606-0014 to take advantage of special vacation packages. Read below to learn about the flora and fauna in Puerto Vallarta.

Flora and Fauna in Mexico

Banderas Bay meets the Sierra Madre lush jungle on the Pacific Coast in Mexico to create an amazing environment. The climate is very tropical, which helps the local flora flourish. Plus, the area is home to a unique variety of fauna found both in the water and on the land. This area is a very important part of North America, because there are so many different species that live there. The environment is extraordinary and provides a safe place for many mammals, insects, and reptiles. Also, there are more than 400 bird species and 300 orchid species found in the area as well.

Flora in Puerto Vallarta

The Sierra Madre mountains and lush jungle are home to many different tree species. Some of the most common tree species are the busera, parotta, ficus, cedar, capomo, and nogal. There are also many coconut trees. Orchids and bougainvillea are two essential plant species found in the area, too. The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens is home to one of the biggest and most important orchid collections in all of Mexico. Plus, they also have a micropropagation lab for flower species that they fear will be extinct. Many different tropical fruits are grown in Puerto Vallarta, which include avocados, coconuts, mangos, guavas, and guamuchiles.

Fauna in Puerto Vallarta

The Sierra Madre Mountains tropical and lush jungle provides shelter and food for many different animal species. There are some rare inhabitants such as the nine banded armadillo, the nocturnal badger, and the white nosed coati. There are four very important felines that live here and they are margays, jaguars, jaguarundis, and ocelots. You can even see the white tailed deer living here, too. A few common reptiles that live in PV are crocs, green and spiny tailed iguanas, beaded lizards, and numerous species of snakes.

Marine Life in Puerto Vallarta

There is an amazing marine diversity in Puerto Vallarta, too. Common fish that live here include the sea bass, blue and black marlin, sailfish, red snapper, and tuna. Also, there are 5 sea turtle species that visit the area each year. The local conservation groups do their best to protect the sea turtles. They provide visitors the ability to help in releasing baby sea turtles. Every year, the sea turtles born in the area return to Puerto Vallarta to lay their eggs on the same beach where they were born. In addition, there are several different dolphin species, which are the bottlenose, spotted, and spinner dolphins. They love playing and jumping in Banderas Bay to the delight of visitors and residents alike.

Humpback Whales in Puerto Vallarta

During the winter months, humpback whales return to Puerto Vallarta. They love the Banderas Bay warm waters where they will mate and birth their young from December through April. You may be able to see the whales rubbing one another, slapping the water, rolling and more when they are mating. A humpback baby whale gestation period is approximately eleven months. You can get closer to the whales on a whale watching tour.

Puerto Vallarta is biodiversity at its best. The area is home to impressive flora, fauna, and marine life. If you want to always vacation in style, inquire to see if you are eligible to join the Villa Group’s exclusive vacation club, too. Timeshare ownership is a great way to ensure amazing vacations and save money over time, too. Give Discount Vacation Hotels at 1-877-606-0014 a call now, so you can start booking your vacation today!

Agave Azul

Tequila is one of the most popular exported products from Mexico. This delicious and potent liquor was first created in Tequila, a quaint town located in the state of Jalisco. The town of Tequila can be found at the bottom of the Tequila Volcano. There, fields of blue agave plants are waiting to be made into tequila. If you would like to learn more about tequila when you are in Mexico, you can go on a tequila tasting tour at one of the numerous distilleries. Right now, the Villa Group Resorts have special deals on all-inclusive travel packages to stay in the country’s top tourist destinations. Book your vacation to Mexico with the Villa Group today. In the meantime, continue to read below to learn more about tequila.

Tequila History

Approximately around 1000 BC in Jalisco, the Aztecs started making Pulque, which is an alcoholic beverage that is made from the fermented sap of the maguey plant. This alcoholic drink derived from the agave plant was popular in Mexico way before the Spanish arrived. Pulque looked similar to milk but had a sour taste. Pulque was considered very important in the Aztec culture. They actually worshipped two Gods, which was Mayahuel who was the goddess of maguey, and the second was Patecatl (her husband), the God of pulque. The first documentation of pulque was found in Jalisco on the stone walls and they believe it dates back to 200 A.D.

Spanish Arrive

Later, when the Spanish arrived in the 1500s, they began to make adjustments to the preparation of pulque. The new process was quite similar to the way that tequila is made today. The Spaniards started working with the agave plants and mud to make a liquor that would be like their favorite drink (brandy). Doing this resulted in tequila. Later, the Marquis of Altamira built the first Tequila distillery in the early 1600s in the town of Tequila, Jalisco. The town wasn’t established officially until the year 1666.

Tequila Facts

Tequila is often enjoyed with lime and salt or without it. Tequila are actually mezcals, but are mezcals actually tequilas? No, tequila is created using only blue agave plants, but mezcal can be prepared using a variety of different agave plants. For the alcoholic beverage to be considered an authentic tequila, it must have at least fifty-one percent of the blue agave plant. However, it is preferred that it has one hundred percent, so it will be a high-quality tequila. It takes approximately eight to twelve years for blue agave plants to grow to maturity to be harvested for tequila. Today, there are several different tequila types such as Blanca and Silver Tequila that have sweet citrus, roasted agave, fruit notes, or floral and herbal notes. In addition, Reposado tequila can be aged from two to twelve months in oak barrels, and you will taste a touch of vanilla, caramel, and wood. Añejo tequila will be aged from one to three years.

If you will be on vacation in Mexico, you should make sure you go on a tequila tour, so you can try the varieties of tequila in person. If you need any assistance in booking your Mexico vacation, then contact Discount Vacation Hotels at 1-877-606-0014. They are a professional and genuine online travel agency that works with the top resorts in Mexico. Travel packages are available to stay at the Villa Group Resorts in top tourist destinations including Cabo, Cancun, Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta, and the Riviera Nayarit. Resorts also have COVID safety measures in place to keep vacationers safe. Contact Discount Vacation Hotels at 1-877-606-0014 today to learn about special all-inclusive vacation packages that are on sale right now.

Friendly Activities

Enjoying fresh air while working out is great! Do you wonder which outdoor activities are safe during the COVID pandemic? Many outdoor activities where you have space to create a good distance from other people are considered safe. Currently, a safe distance is considered 2 meters or 6 feet away. Get outside so you can stay healthy along with being active, which will build up your immune system. Continue to read below and check out our top 6 COVID-friendly activities that are outdoors.

#1 Walking or Jogging 

First, it just isn’t healthy to be stuck inside all the time. Everyone needs fresh air along with doing some physical activity. Staying physically fit will keep both your mind and body healthy. To start with, one of the COVID-friendly activities that are free and easy is walking or jogging. You can even take your dog with you for a walk to make sure your pet gets the exercise that they need, too. If you live in an urban area, then just bring your mask along with you for precaution. During COVID, walking or jogging are excellent COVID safe activities you can enjoy outdoors.  

#2 Fitness Class Online

During the COVID crisis, many gyms and fitness centers had to close, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. Did you know there are numerous fitness classes online? You can look up your favorite fitness instructor and they probably have a live exercise class that you can join. Plus, you can take your tablet or laptop outside on your patio, balcony, driveway, or on your porch. That way, exercising outside will give you fresh air along with Vitamin D that comes from the sun. If you can’t afford a gym membership, then you can always look up fitness videos on YouTube, and these are free! 

#3 Go For A Hike

Are there hiking trails where you live? If there are hiking trails where you live, then this is an excellent activity that you can do outdoors during COVID. When you go for a hike, you are getting a good workout along with clearing your mind. Hiking trails are usually safe because it is easy to avoid close contact with others. Choose trails that are spread out so you won’t have an issue with social distancing. While you are hiking, you should make sure not to touch your face, and when you get home make sure you sanitize your hands, too. 

#4 Yoga

One of the best exercises around just happens to be yoga. You can tone your muscles along with balancing your mind and emotions, too. Plus, you can practice yoga just about anywhere.  Take your yoga mat and head outside to your yard and practice yoga under a shady tree. You will get fresh air and a dose of sunshine, which is excellent for overall well being. You can even add chakra healing music when you are practicing yoga and it will destress you while bringing a sense of peace to your hectic life, too. 


#5 Biking – Road and Mountain

A fun way to exercise along with having a blast is biking. Road and mountain biking are great activities you can enjoy outdoors, and you won’t have a problem with social distancing either. All you need to do is get your bike and head out to the local biking trails. Plus, road biking is pretty safe now, because there is less traffic due to COVID. You will get a great workout while enjoying the natural beauty, too. 

#6 Take Up Gardening 

During the COVID crisis, gardening is an excellent outdoor activity! Now is the perfect time to start planning the type of garden you want, because Springtime is not far away. You can choose a variety of fruits and vegetables that will grow well in your area. Gardening can be an enjoyable activity that everyone in the family can join in. If this is your first garden, then try not to plan a huge garden. Instead, start small and you can add to your garden each year. Weeding and mowing the grass are excellent outdoor activities that come with perks from your garden. Plus, homegrown fruits and veggies taste delicious and are healthy, too!


Are you ready to get active outside? Our top 6 COVID-friendly activities were provided above. You should try to do some of these activities, so you can keep your immune system healthy! If you are dreaming of a vacation to Mexico, contact Discount Vacation Hotels at 1-877-606-0014. This is a reputable online travel agency that sells all-inclusive travel packages to Mexico. Right now, they have specially discounted promotions available. Plus, they work with popular resorts such as the Villa Group that have implemented stringent health and safety measures to keep guests safe. Contact Discount Vacation Hotels today and reserve your stay for a dream vacation in Mexico. You deserve to pamper yourself!

Puerto Vallarta

A top vacation destination in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast in the magnificent Banderas Bay. There, millions of visitors visit each year to enjoy the area’s perfect weather. Puerto Vallarta is home to some of the most breathtaking and beautiful beaches and Sierra Madre mountains jungle greenery. Have you heard that the El Salado delta is a national protected zone that is full of mangroves and marshes? It’s true! Visitors should visit the Estero which is located near the Puerto Vallarta marina. Continue to read below to learn about PV activities and El Salado Sanctuary. 

Visit El Salado Sanctuary

The El Salado Estuary can be found near the Puerto Vallarta marina. El Salado is also known as an Urban Estuary, which is a national protected area within the city limits. The El Salado Estuary was declared on July 27th, 2000 an ecological conservation zone to protect the area’s flora and fauna. The Pacific Ocean connects to the estuary via a canal that is twenty meters wide, three meters deep, and two kilometers long. Migratory birds, mammals, and reptiles are safe in this area. There, more than ninety-nine different bird species, forty-six plant species, ten mammals species, and twenty-nine reptiles and amphibians species have been documented in the area. Other animals that live in the area include iguanas, raccoons, crabs, garrobos, river crocs, and possums. 

Natural Marsh and Mangroves

Visitors can take in the natural beauty of the El Salado as they offer tours. The El Salado tours are guided on a boat through beautiful, lush canals. The protected area has almost one hundred and thirty-five hectares that are home to three different mangrove and marsh vegetation types. The estuary also contains a tropical forest that is surrounded by underwater vegetation. A unique feature of the estuary is that it regulates the region’s temperature. By doing so, the estuary is an ideal ecosystem where different species reproduce and thrive. In addition, nutrients from the estuary serve as a food source for species that live in the Banderas Bay. Lastly, El Salado is also a very important regulator that aids in protecting floods from occurring in the city. 

El Salado Sanctuary Wildlife

Along with the lush vegetation in the area, research has shown that more than one hundred bird species live in the El Salado estuary. Similarly, twenty-nine amphibians and reptile species and ten mammal types live in the area, too. They have also spotted different invertebrates and fish species in the mangroves as well. The iguana, the Mexican spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura Pectinata) along with the American croc (Crocodylus Acutus) live here, too. The raccoon (Procyon Lotor), the possum (Didelphis Virginiana) have also been sighted in the area. There are many Fiddler crabs (Uca Crenulata) and the mouthless crabs (Cardisoma Crassum) have been spotted living in the mangroves as well. The El Salado Estuary is home to so many different flora and fauna, and they are protected by the Mexican government. 

Puerto Vallarta Activities – El Salado Tour

Would you like to see the El Salado Sanctuary up close? You can do that by booking a tour. They provide tours from Monday through Friday starting at 9 am, 11 am 1 pm and 3 pm. You can call to book your tour at 322-201-7361 or email them at reservas@esterosalado.org. You have to make reservations! Space is very limited, so make sure to book your tour today! Your tour will be a refreshing boat ride through the beautiful canals. 

If you will be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta soon and you need a place to stay, contact Discount Vacation Hotels at 1-877-606-0014. They are an online reputable travel agency that works exclusively with the top resorts in Mexico such as the Villa Group Resorts. They have luxury resorts that offer all-inclusive travel packages. Ready to get away from it all? Call and make your reservation today. Don’t let life pass you by and pamper yourself a little bit!

Traveling the world.

Have you been asking yourself how you can renew your American passport in Mexico? Is your American passport close to expiring, or have you had a baby in Mexico that can be approved for American citizenship? If you have answered yes, then you will be pleased to know that you are able to apply or to renew your US Passport at the American Consulate. In most of the major cities in Mexico, the American Consulate has locations. In order to avoid any traveling complications, you should be ready to wait several months for your passport application to be processed. Read below to learn more information about how to apply for an American passport when in Mexico. 

  • Schedule An Appointment

The first thing you need to do is to check the consulate office website to schedule an appointment. Most of the American Consulate offices only are open a few hours a day for visitors. If you schedule an appointment, you can plan ahead for your appointment. You won’t have to wait in any long lines or have to make a second trip back, because there are a lot of people in line ahead of you. If you are unable to make an appointment, but you have an urgent request, then you are allowed to have a walk-in appointment. 

  • Be Prepared 

It is so important that you arrive prepared, so your US passport application can be processed faster. You will need to have your current American Passport, and you should bring the application that you can print out at your home, and have it filled out ahead of time. You can download the US Passport application at the US Department of State’s website here. You will also be required to have two Passport photos that are recent. You should also have the correct size photos, too. The correct size is 2 x 2 inches. The fee for a US Passport application is $110 for adults and $80 for children that are 16 years and under. Both parents of the children should be present at the appointment unless one parent has full custody. You will also need to bring the child’s original birth certificate or have the Consular Report of Birth Abroad, so the Consular employees can take a look.

  • Arrive For Appointment

When you arrive on time for your appointment, you will need to sign in along with leaving your cell phone with security. When it is your turn, they will call your name. You should have all of your documents, and you need to bring a prepaid return envelope, too. Your American Passport will be mailed back to you with the prepaid envelope you provide. Reliable shipping companies in Mexico include FedEx, Estafeta, and DHL. Also, you will need to keep a copy of your shipping label so you can track your package. Usually, renewals for an American Passport take approximately a month to be fully processed. Due to the COVID-19 and coronavirus crises, there may be added delays, because the Consulates are working fewer hours. 

Are you currently an ex-pat that is living in Mexico and you want to know how to apply for an American Passport when in Mexico? If you are, then we hope this article was able to help you get through the application process for the American Passport. Do you just hope to vacation in the country soon? If so, call Discount Vacation Hotels at 1-877-606-0014. They sell affordable vacation packages to stay at the top resorts in Mexico.  Right now, they have insider deals to stay at Villa Group Resorts which have proper safety and hygiene measures in place to keep guests safe. Call today and book yourself a getaway to Mexico. 

Espresso machine brewing a coffee

Are you ready to travel again and plan to hit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? If so, you should know the charming coastal town has lots of cute cafes where you can grab coffee or tea and a quick breakfast. Here are our top 5 picks where you can get your caffeine fix in PV.  


Get Your Caffeine Fix: PV Cafe’s

Cabo San Lucas Marina

Are you and your family ready to jump on a plane and head to Mexico for a vacation in paradise? Summer is here, and most of the resorts, stores, bars, and restaurants in Mexico have added extra safety standards to ensure all guests will be safe when they visit Mexico. If you and your family are wondering where to take a vacation, you may want to consider Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Cabo is located on the tip of Baja California Sur and is a very popular destination for tourists. Cabo San Lucas is known for its white sandy beaches, spectacular Sea of Cortez clear waters, and breathtaking landscapes of the desert. Continue to read below to learn more about Cabo San Lucas, and fun activities to do on a Mexico vacation.


Will you be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta in the near future? Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a very popular vacation destination. It is known for fun and exciting outdoor activities, beautiful beaches, and amazing food. In Puerto Vallarta, you will never run out of fun things to see and do. However, we recommend that you go on a day trip to Sayulita, which is a surfing town just north of Puerto Vallarta. In 2015, Sayulita was designated as a Pueblo Magico, because the town has amazing heritage and charm that visitors love. If you will be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta soon, then you should visit Sayulita, a hidden gem near PV. 

Trips You Can Do Near Cabo

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses and homes worldwide. Residents who depend on Mexico’s tourism have had a difficult time. Especially workers that are employed by resorts, shops, and restaurants since businesses had to close temporarily. Many businesses are slowly opening back up after several months of being closed, and they have added new health and safety standards so their customers will remain safe. Do you live or visit Mexico often? If so, then continue to read below to learn how to support the local community despite the COVID-19 crisis. 

Vacation to Puerto Vallarta

Are you ready to plan a Puerto Vallarta visit? The coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic required the temporary closure of many resorts and hotels, restaurants, and businesses. Life as we knew it came to a halt for several months in hopes to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, many of the businesses, resorts, and restaurants are ready to start welcoming visitors again and reopen. Have you been wondering when the perfect time is to vacation in Puerto Vallarta? Many travelers consider that the fall and winter months are the best times to vacation in the area. At that time, there is less humidity and the temperatures are great! Read below to learn more information about when you should vacation in Mexico. 

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