Good news!

Our team is expanding it's horizons. We like to take you into account as we grow together, and we care about your well-being when planning your vacations.

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That's why we've merged our Discount Vacations Hotels brand with our Vacation Deals All Inclusive partners.


Change can be difficult

We know change can be difficult, but it's all for the better! We want to offer you better promotions, better gifts, and more experiences!

We are still the same team, but better!

So if you want to follow up on a package you purchased in the past with Discount Vacations Hotels, please contact us at the following number for proper follow-up:

Jessica Canales
Sales Supervisor
(877) 606 0014 EXT. 274
Contact Phone

Thank you for understanding and for getting on board this new ship with us!
We hope to see you in Mexico very soon, see you soon!